In May 2017, me and two friends made our way down to south beach. Home to some of the worlds most talented/gifted artists. We spent 3 days in Miami. 3 days of non-stop work and I absolutely loved every minute of it. We stayed at some renovated airbnb trailer in someones backyard which didn't have wifi, but we had access to their pool which I guess made up for it. Also, our host Maria was an angel, super nice lady. All that to say, we spent most of our days running around Miami, working with other creatives, and setting up camp in coffee shops to work some more. It was a trip I desperately needed. It was one for the books. We saw some of the craziest things down there, trespassed some of the coolest bandos, met some insanely talented photographers, got lost a couple of times, and celebrated cinco de mayo with some coronas in the pool (which is really the only way to spend it).

This is a story and an experience on a whim that has shaped me and molded me as an artist.

Thank you Miami. Thank you South Beach. Thank you Wynwood. Thank you Maria.